Altruism Institute
A once in a lifetime experience for park & recreation professionals
2018 Program - Monday, September 3 thru Thursday, September 6
We believe we have created one of the best training programs available for parks & recreation professionals today. The Altruism Institute will be a life changing experience for anyone who attends!
The 2018 Altruism Institute is a unique and intensive 4-day program that will focus on being strategic, smart and courageous in response to today's important challenges and issues.  The host location of Boulder, Colorado will provide inspiration as we gather in one of the most beautiful places in the country, the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.  
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2018 Altruism Institute Sessions

 Institute sessions will focus on generating interest and energy around the necessary work of being smart and courageous in how we work and how we act as we fulfill our roles in the public realm. Below is a glimpse of the content of this year's program and the kind of conversations participants can expect.

What Kind of Ancestor Do You Want to Be?
As a kick off to the Institute, attendees will be challenged to consider the question, "what kind of ancestor do you want to be?" When faced with uncertainties and difficulties, we sometimes draw on predecessors for insights, knowledge, resilience, and hope. As we look to the future, what will we offer to our descendants to draw upon in their own challenging times? What are the stories we will tell about the choices we made and the actions we chose to take or avoid?

It's Hard to Argue When the Math Adds Up
We have access to data - lots and lots of data that creates an image of current realities as well as trends which provide historical context such as continued financial uncertainties.  Yet, there seems an all too common reluctance to disregard this powerful information. Whether hesitation is grounded in intimidation or for fear of what it all means, we are not capitalizing on the data. It's time to understand that data can be a friend and ally, especially when it comes time to asking and answering some of the most difficult questions of all. 
Exploiting What We Know
What is it we know? Society is changing, the economy is unpredictable, technology is moving at warp speed and it is hard to keep up! So,  is it any wonder we find ourselves on auto pilot, trudging along just hoping to get the end of each day unscathed? If we really take a close, laser look at our realities we can start to process what they mean with clarity and create advantage and opportunity.
The First Through the Wall is Always the Bloodiest
Those in the public realm are consistently faced with ethical dilemmas based upon questionable politics, self-serving interests and other factors. Understanding society’s influence on character and values, challenging risk aversion, and being an adaptive leader can enhance everyone's capacity and ability to “do the right thing”.

Keeping Our Moral Compass From Pointing South 
Keeping our moral compass pointed forward is at the core of principle-centered behavior.  Today, however, some may feel like a salmon swimming upstream when trying to keep their moral compass from pointing south. Having courageous conversations and making tough, responsible decisions may not be popular or easy, but are necessary if we are to honor the nobility of public service. 

Reflection & Action 
​These daily check-ins will act as de-briefs of each day’s programs using 2018 Altruism Institute readings as guideposts. Each check-in will be conducted in an interview format for the purposes of developing an Altruism Institute podcast.
  1. Andrew Mowen, Ph.D.
    John is the...
  2. Mike Mulvaney, Ph.D.
    Julie is...

Boulder...experience the magic!​​
Altruism Institute participants will not only be the beneficiaries of an educational opportunity of a lifetime, they will also get to experience the magic of Boulder, Colorado.  Considered one of the healthiest places in the United States, Boulder's charm will captivate.  Iconic Pearl Street Mall, Chautauqua Park, the Flatirons, and
the breathtaking scenary all await your arrival.